Commodore's Corner

Commodore Jeff Quinn

The year 2020 is a leap year, also known as an intercalary year or a bissextile year. Why do we have it? It's a cosmic thing. A calendar year as we know it is 365 days. But it actually takes 365.242189 for the earth to completely orbit the sun. That's 365 days,5 hours,48 minutes and 45 seconds. To make up for that disparity an additional day is added every 4 years, otherwise after a century our seasons would be off by about 24 days. But most importantly it would mean I'm now writing this column a day late.
       We had our first boating event of the year, February 22nd and 23rd, a Fleet Captains rendezvous at Langley. There was a Mystery Dinner involved and unfortunately, I have no further information as I was unable to attend and our Fleet Captain Rick is so busy working on people’s boats, he has not had time to come up for air.  
       Lot's has been going on for our club. With the help of Paul Quinn and Patty, we have reestablished Hidden Harbor Yacht Club as a Non-Profit Social Club and are presently awaiting a new EIN number. We have created a Board of Directors, which is the three current members of the Bridge. This will revolve every year as a Commodore leaves and a Rear Commodore comes in.  We have opened a new bank account at Key bank with the Board of Directors as signees for the account. I would like to thank Vice Commodore Bart and Brenda Kooyman for their assistance. Much more to talk about, so I think we will save that for our March 10th meeting.
       Speaking of meetings, if you missed last month's you missed a doozy. Somehow the Eastlake bar and Grill forgot about us. Imagine that!  While the group was riding high in their bar stools and tables, Secretary Carol Soffel and I ran the meeting up front, down low. (figure that out) But Brandon the manager came through with a good deed and served all of us who attended, a complimentary first drink. In addition to that they honored the Happy Hour Menu and no minimum for the night. How bout that!
The days are getting longer my friends and it feels like spring is just around the corner. Boating is so much more fun when it's not freezing outside! I hope everybody is getting all hands-on deck for the Cowboy Up Event in Kingston, March 27th, 28th, and 29th, hosted by Dane and Terry Fantz, and Vice Commodore Bart and Brenda Kooyman. It promises to be a Dandy. So, let's go Wake Snakes!
See Y'all soon! Commodore Jeff