Commodore's Corner

Commodore Jeff Quinn

Happy New Year All.  January is now upon us and we can proceed with another spectacularly fun filled year!  First and foremost, I am happy to convey that we have been able to retain our meeting spot at the Eastlake Bar and Grill through 2020.  It came right down to the wire, but we have prevailed.

In order to make it work for both parties there were a couple compromises that needed to be made.  The first is that we needed to give up one hour of time we use in the room upstairs.  So, we now have the room from five to eight, instead of four-thirty to eight-thirty.  We will still start the meeting at six-thirty sharp.  The second concession was giving up the happy hour menu.  And as I explained to the bridge and board based on the 40% increase on that menu, it's not much of a hardship.  So, the second Tuesday of each month, we'll see you there, excluding July, August and September this year because of the timing of the Labor Day event, we will hold September's Board meeting in the party room at Anacortes on Sunday, September 6th.

Now that I got that cleared up. I would like to thank Larry and Keli for a great year. I think we can all say we had a ton of fun and that is our primary goal, and we achieved it. Thank You!  And of course, we all know nothing can be achieved without the tremendous help from all of the Host's, Co-host’s, Bridge, Board, Officers and Appointees that keeps this engine running.  Thank You!

As you know Larry now becomes the Past Commodore and we welcome in  Mr. Steve Kaimmer as our new Rear Commodore. Thanks Steve.  I am happy to report that the Officers, Appointees, and Board of 2019 have all decided to volunteer their services for another year. In addition to that I have asked Vic Portolese and Dane Fantz to join the Board and they have accepted. Thanks Boys!

Our event calendar is pretty well solidified with the exception of April.  I looked at Dock street in Tacoma for the 24th,25th, and 26th but some other Yacht club booked it last March and reserved 50 slips.  I don't think we can fit.  I'm open to any suggestions so feel free to contact me.  I as well have some thoughts still up my sleeve, but these darn holidays really eat up the time.