HHYC has some of the best Reciprocal in the Pacific NorthWest. Join Today!

As a member of Hidden Harbor Yacht Club, you are able to benefit from reciprocal moorage agreements with over 80 other yacht clubs. From Portland to Vancouver Island and beyond, your moorage needs can be met while traveling.

When exercising reciprocal moorage privileges, please follow the guidelines below:

~Current member of HHYC to exercise reciprocal moorage, fly a HHYC burgee and carry a current year membership card

~Be respectful of others and the facility. We are a guest and do not want to have our mooring privileges revoked.

~Use the interactive links below to obtain specific information about the reciprocal requirements of your destination.

When using HHYC's Reciprocal at Harbour Village Marina, please Reserve and Pay with DockWA.

DockWA is available at                                 or                                App Store for your Smart Device or Web Page Link DockWA

Reciprocal Moorage will be reimbursed for up to 2 nights moorage per month. To be reimbursed for your moorage, please postage mail a copy of your Yacht Club Membership Card and Moorage receipt.

Moorage is on a first come, first served basis. Sorry, but we cannot make reservations for Reciprocal moorage. Guest Moorage will be reimbursement for up to 2 nights moorage per month.


Download Full Reciprocal File